Getting to know your Uber driver

Getting to know your Uber driver’s story is fascinating stuff, even if your trip to work is only 11 minutes.

Working a hybrid contract, I open the Uber app twice weekly and order a green ride to work. Having once considered Uber driving myself, I often ask my drivers about their experiences, profitability, and any uncomfortable situations they’ve encountered. Such a fascinating group of people from various backgrounds dabble with ride-share either as a full-time gig or a side hustle.

One driver recently ferried me into the city for work with an impressive MG4 long-range EV. When I first got in the car, I assumed it was petrol. After a moment or two of studying the digital instrument cluster and stylish drive-mode console, it seemed probable this was an EV, he proudly confirmed. This driver, who only Ubers in the mornings, is a part-time pharmacist for the rest of the day. He loves the space this affords him to take on personal projects and pursuits on his own terms and schedule. A lucky man indeed.

Note: Ordering a green ride provides a petrol hybrid or a fully electric car.

Another driver spoke of his delight in having cheerful banter with his travellers, often enjoying fascinating anecdotes. He also mused on a few occasions when young clients had fallen asleep in the back of the car after a night out. His unique approach to waking them up involved gently rocking the car until they returned to consciousness.

Mate, I love driving. Now I have an EV, I’d never go back to petrol.

A few hours in the morning on the way to work and the same coming home; he absolutely loves it!

Most recently, I had a driver who picked up travellers on his way to and from work. Ingenious! He drove a Tesla Model 3 with a decent 500km range. Asked how this works, he explained that he picks up rides that progress him towards work or home, roughly allowing two hours of driving each side of the day. He was a delightful, laid-back driver who enjoyed the extra cash and thrill of driving – a common thread with most Uber drivers.

Q. How do you get to work? Is it an Uber, public transport, driving yourself, or walking?

Post your comments below; we would love to know and share your work commuting story!

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