Meet Eric David – providing you Brisbane’s development information all in one place

With comprehensive, detailed and digestible information on development news all over Brisbane, Eric’s platform can be appreciated by all who are interested in upcoming projects around the city.

Meet Eric David, founder of Brisbane Development, a digital platform informing the people of Brisbane of infrastructure and development in the city and giving them digestible information that they wouldn’t get otherwise. He spends a lot of time summarising the development applications the Brisbane City Council receive. A standout feature is a 3D interactive map of the Brisbane region, allowing you to zoom in on areas of interest.

Eric studied Property Economics and Urban Development at QUT and has always been interested in development and infrastructure. After completing his tertiary studies, he went on to work for CBRE as the Marketing Manager. He was there for 11 years, and in that time, they launched, marketed, and sold out 24 projects. These ranged from 30-apartment to 1100-apartment developments.

He spotlights the projects people care about, focusing on significant inner-city developments. In conversation with Eric, he emphasises the importance of building density over urban sprawl:

“We shouldn’t be bulldozing land for housing that has no walkability.”

There is something called the “missing middle” – low-rise and high-rise but no mid-rise. We must address the missing middle in areas like Morningside and Coorparoo.”

Eric also stresses how invaluable a high-speed rail between Brisbane and the Gold Coast would be.

From comprehensive reporting on development applications to his free interactive 3D development map (a rarity, not offered in most places), waste no time subscribing to Eric’s newsletter and frequenting his site to get the early scoop on development and infrastructure from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.

With a newsletter database of 10,000 (started around 2008) and website traffic between 150-200 thousand visitors a month, it is apparent that Eric has a meaningful voice within his industry.

Eric’s 2024 goals include a series of YouTube videos and continuing to grow his website, so be sure to subscribe and become acquainted with his platform. He represents a rare voice in his industry, providing the public with free, concise, fact-based information.

Check out his platform here:

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