Come one, come all to West End’s island of misfit toys – The Burrow

The Burrow’s journey started ten years ago when longtime friends Dave Bajka and Alan Simseker came together to take over an old Turkish restaurant where The Burrow “Version 1” was born.

Four and a half years later, they moved to Russell Street, just around the corner from West End’s famous stretch of Boundary Street.

Here Dave, his wife Noni, Alan and his wife Sarah settled into a classic Queenslander and established The Burrow as it stands today.

Over the last five and a half years, they have enjoyed an ever-growing customer base, becoming synonymous with West End’s trendy, bohemian, progressive reputation.

What makes a pizza and beer joint so special? The Burrow diverges ahead from competing establishments through its experimentalism.

Thematically, The Burrow is inspired by many values and characteristics. Dave describes the venue as having “a welcoming homeliness, a comfortable sense of retreat, and a place of refuge”.

He also points out, “The Burrow’s name even speaks to its intent on being a homely place for creatures of all types”.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a regular beer and pizza joint. The menu keeps things simple but in the best way possible. There are also options for those looking for something a little fancier than the usual fare, so they’ve got you covered, no matter your dining mood.

Menu offerings such as the Big Voodoo Daddy and the Levantine are a must-try, having lasted on the menu since The Burrow’s opening.

“We support independent breweries and focus on using high-quality produce suppliers”, Dave informs me, ticking multiple boxes for the more discerning diner.

Dave and Alan lean heavily into the artistic discourse strongly associated with West End culture. There is a monthly rotating wall space for artists to display and sell their art, bringing awareness to Brisbane’s local talents.

The Burrow offers an extensive range of sonic experiences for customers, free to attend live music most nights of the week, from local musicians to travelling groups to wildly talented buskers. Dave rattles off the impressive roster of live music on offer throughout the week. “We alternate Mondays between gypsy-style jazz music and folk night with Irish/Celtic folk specialities. We have bluegrass music on Wednesdays, jazz on Thursdays, and soul/funk on Fridays & Saturdays”.

Live music aside, Dave and Alan keep it fun and engaging with bold playlists of varying genres such as Indie, Afrobeat, Hip-Hop, Punk, and cheesy ’80s.

The sense of community is palpable within the walls of The Burrow. Figuratively and literally, you can find tables with coins stuck on the wall for people short of change, whether for a coffee or a snack!

When asked to play a word association game regarding The Burrow, Dave provided the following: “home, belonging, music, vibrant, fun, community hub, energetic, all-inclusive, safe space.”

The Burrow’s distinct, different areas are designed to provide various settings to suit various occasions. Whether a date, a 21st, a music gig, a work lunch or an outing with your fur baby, The Burrow has a space to enjoy.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to round up the gang for a whale of a time at one of West End’s best offerings.

The Burrow
52 Russell St, West End
QLD 4101

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